At a recent reunion of the Class of 1963, those attending took the first steps toward the formation of the St. Clair High School Alumni Association,  a Board of Directors was elected, and over $1,400 donated that evening.

The process was set in motion by Gary (1963) and Jim (1960) Marchbank, as they discussed how individual classes have at various times over the years formed one-time memorial scholarship funds.  Jim had expressed the thought that it would be nice if classes could band together to create a larger fund that would continue to exist beyond one or two years, and help more students. 

Gary passed that thought along by email during preparation for the Class of 1963 reunion.  Several classmates discussed Gary’s idea at length, through emails, and the thought of having a permanent scholarship fund resonated with everyone.  By early August, the vision of an alumni association whose primary purpose is assistance in vocational and college education had been formed. 

DeWayne Landwehr, began making inquiries on the internet and through SCHS staff, to determine if an alumni association existed.   “We couldn’t believe that such an association had never before been formed.  We thought perhaps there had been one that had since become inactive, but we could not find any official record of one, and the principal, Vicki Enyart, confirmed that no such group was active.  We wanted this effort to be permanent, so we decided to incorporate.  Fred Becker, took care of all the state filings.  Dewayne started on the federal paperwork.  We wanted to have all the preliminary work done before the reunion.   All the state filings were completed, and we received our Federal Employee Identification Number and