I donít know about you, but I have some very fond memories of my high school days.  Oh sure, I had the hormones and mood swings that most kids did, but mostly I had a good time.  I developed some very good friendships that have lasted through the years, even though our families have drifted apart geographically.   Even though I didnít recognize it then, or perhaps did not want to admit it, we had some teachers and administrators who genuinely cared for our well-being, and who provided us with a very good secondary education.

Another memory I have is being a second-semester senior and wondering how I was going to be able to go to college.  I had been given a $50 savings bond that was close to maturity, and I had been able to save a few hundred dollars by working part time.  In addition to that, I had been awarded a Curatorís scholarship, which would help a little for one semester, but my parents were not able to supplement that, so I (and many of us) were casting about for alternatives.  Fortunately, I had a family member who helped me secure enrollment at a work-study program, so I was able to get a college degree.  Not all of us were so lucky.

If you are reading this letter, you probably already know that an alumni association has been formed for the primary purpose of raising scholarship money for advanced education for our graduating seniors.  I donít want to bore you with the details behind that story, but instead to thank you for taking the time to look into the St Clair High School Alumni Association.   Many of you have already donated to the scholarship fund, and for that I offer double thanks. 

It is a known fact that people with more education tend to make more money and create more wealth during their lives than those without that higher education.  Together, we can make a gigantic difference for some young people who wish to continue their education.  If you havenít already, please consider making a donation to the scholarship fund.  Also, if you would like to volunteer a little of your time to work on a committee, we would appreciate that as well.

Thanks for making a difference.


DeWayne Landwehr (63), Board Chair

SCHS Alumni Association